Often farting during pregnancy makes you shy, this is the way to prevent it

During pregnancy, there are many changes to the body that must be dealt with. Including becoming more frequent farts and sometimes difficult to hold it. Why does this happen? It's best not to worry, it's more common to fart during pregnancy. This is due to various body changes experienced by pregnant women (pregnant women). Farts on pregnant women on average can reach about 18 times per day. Various Causes of Frequent Farting in Pregnant Women Frequent farts during pregnancy can be caused by one or several conditions at once. Below are some of the most common causes of farts experienced by pregnant women: Increased progesterone hormone Increased levels of the hormone progesterone can make pregnant women more often pass gas. This hormone makes the body's muscles, including intestinal muscles, relax, thus slowing digestion by up to 30% longer. This is what causes gas buildup, so that pregnant women are more likely to fart, bloat, and belch. This muscle weakness also
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